Sheryl C.

So due to some unruly rocks flying up and cracking my windshield I needed a replacement. One of those “free fixes” just wasn’t going to cut it.
I go to my dealer who says, “It will be $899 to replace this here.” WHAT?! Gracias pero no! Then he says, “But you can take it to Richardson Auto Glass, who we use, and get it for about $300.” It pays to be in good with your service dude.
So off I went. And after a minor snag that resulted in me having to come back the next morning they had me fixed, paid and out the door in 1.5 hrs. James, the owner, was professional, courteous and efficient. 3 qualities that make me a fan of any business. I even have a 1 year guarantee. If a rock chips my windshield in the next year they will fix it for free.
These guys are the best kept secret in the underground auto world. Hidden back in an industrial park they are worth the search. If you ever find yourself in need of glass repair hightail here. Oh and ask for James. He will hook you up.

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